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Women's Art Feiro Award- Kate Redden

VANCOUVER, WASH- Kate is a 4.0 student and a member of Southwestern Oregon's golf team. She finished 11th at this year's NWAACC Championship Tournament. Kate was a member of the All Academic Sports Team in 2007 and also a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

The Art Feiro Award is given to the NWAACC Tournament's most inspirational player. The award is named after the former Dean of Students and athletic director at Peninsula College who was the Executive Secretary of the NWAACC between 1967-75 and served on the Executive Board for 16 years ending in 1981. Art passed away one year later and this award was named in his honor.

1980-81 Mary Bradford, WVC
1981-82 Jamie Traynor, GRCC
1982-83 Noreen Schulz, GRCC
1983-84 Cheryl Homestead, HCC
1984-85 Kayle Krug, CCS
1985-86 Janice Aubrey, CCS
1986-87 Susan Volke, CCS
1987-88 Jan Robinson, SVC
1988-89 Jennifer Childress, WVC
1989-90 Julie Cotton, Clark
1990-91 Jennifer Oosterhof, SVC
1991-92 Sonia Schmuland, ClCC
1992-93 Melissa Allen, CenC
1993-94 Jeanne Christensen, WVC
1994-95 Cindy Anderson, SVC
& Cindy Spencer, CBC
1995-96 Jamie Good, LCC
& Gena McLain, WWCC
1996-97 Susan Reese, ChCC
1997-98 Erika Keatts, CBC
1998-99 Kelli Nemec, PiC
1999-00 Kristi Lund, Clark
2000-01 Emily Avery, WWCC
2001-02 Katya Spiecker, UCC
2002-03 Jessica Williams, WWCC
2003-04 Amanda Kamm, HCC
2004-05 Kate Burton, Clark
2005-06 Jessica Marie Fuller, CCS
2006-07 Kate Redden, SOCC


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