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NWAACC Championships - Game Recaps Friday, February 29

Men 10 p.m. Everett Trojans 92, South Puget Sound Clippers 86

Although the game was close going into the second half, it soon emerged that the 10 p.m. start time was past the Clipper's bedtimes as the Trojans out-shot, out-hustled and, most importantly, out-rebounded South Puget Sound for most of the second period.

In the last minutes of the game, the Clippers woke up and fought back from a period high 15 point deficit, rallying behind Jonny Sarysz' gutsy and enthusiastic play after a series of hard falls. Key shots from Chris Scott brought South Puget South within 7 with two minutes to go. However, they could not stop the Trojans' 2-point response to almost every basket to close the gap.

The day's scoring leader, Trojan Jon Moe, nailed down 36 points. His teammates Stephen Waltman and Brian Mason scored 14 and 10, respectively.

The Clippers had six players in the double digits. Jonny Saryaz topped with 19, followed closely by Nigel Moore with 17, Chris Scott with 15, Michael Brumsey with 14 and finally Ramone Johnson and Gerad Moser with 11 and 10 points.

The Trojans win the game 92 to 86. This is the end of Clipper's season. Everett will return to the court tomorrow at 4 p.m. to face Highline.

Women 10 p.m. Umpqua Riverhawks, Skagit Valley Cardinals

The combination of high scoring from Ashley Grater (18 points), Corrina Sharick (15 points), Caitie Newman (12 points), Alex Love (11 points) and Alyssa Hendrickson (10 points) was not enough for the Cardinals to overcome the Riverhawk's triple threat.

Miranda Holenstein lead the team to victory with 33 points. Her teammates Kristi Fallin and Cassie Scheffelmaier dropped in an extra 19 and 17, respectively.

The Riverhawks will continue on in the tournament and face Everett tomorrow at 4 p.m.

Men 8 p.m. Spokane Sasquatch 78, Clackamas Cougars 50

The Sasquatch came out shooting - and hearing the squish of the net. The team went up 14-4 in the early part of the game and continued to roll, going up by as much as 30 before finally settling on a 78-50 score. With the large lead and support of the crowd, the Sasquatch sharpened its shot for tomorrow and pleased its fans with some flashy shots as well. Clackamas continued to fight for the ball until the end, however, with extensive double team support provided by Cougar Jeff Sego.

Top scorers for the Cougars were JC Cook with 13 points followed up by Austin Dunn and Adam Brickley with 11. For the Sasquatch, Jordan Gregg knocked down 16 while Jon Clift added 12 and 6 assists. Matthew Dorr and Kyle Turpin supported with 10 points each.

Spokane will return tomorrow at 8 p.m. against Southwestern Oregon. Clackamas will see Peninsula at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Women 8 p.m. Columbia Basin Hawks 58, South Puget Sound Clippers 43

In a game dominated by Columbia Basin Hawks, the team's leading scorer, Brittany Cherry, knocked down 11 points. Her teammate, Karli Thomas, contributed 10.

South Puget Sound, playing with only six team members, had Whitney Titus' 18 points for the game's strongest showing. Dre Castanea and Alicia Richardson both topped double digits with 11 points.

Columbia Basin continues on in the winner bracket and will take on Walla Walla tomorrow at 8 p.m. South Puget Sound will face Centralia at 2 p.m.

Men 6 p.m. Yakima Yaks 70, Lower Columbia Red Devils 66

In-your-face play dominated the Lower Columbia - Yakima match-up. The number one ranked team in the West, the Devils tried not to disappoint in front of a vocal crowd of support. Although they lead early in the second half, the Yaks whittled away at the numbers on the scoreboard and with 45 seconds on the clock, the Devils found themselves down by one.

Yak guard Anthony Johnson took to the line after being fouled while driving in the lane, scoring two, and stetting up a score of 69-66. A bobbled ball sent Lower Columbia's chances into the backcourt. Full coverage by the Red Devils and an errant three point attempt resulted in no points for Lower Columbia and another foul put Yakina back on the line with 6 seconds remaining. The Yaks only made one of the baskets, but that's all they needed to convince the Devils the last six seconds weren't worth playing.

The combined forces of Red Devils leading scorers - Josh Troyer with 15, Alex King with 13 and Robert Edwards with 12 - weren't enough to overcome the highest scoring player of the game, Yak Anthony Johnson and his teammate Jody Johnson.

The Yaks win 70-66 and will face Umpqua tomorrow at 6 p.m. Look for Lower Columbia to try to beat Bellevue at 12 p.m.

Women 6 p.m. Spokane Sasquatch 60, Lower Columbia Devils 35

In front of a boisterous crowd, the Devils worked to whirl away from the Sasquatch. However, Spokane's might was too strong and the Sasquatch established a commanding lead that grew throughout the game.

Proving the depth of their bench, the Sasquatch had ten players on the scoring board. Kellee Neal lead with 11 points while Ashlee Michelson added 9. For the Red Devils, Rene Evans lead her team in scoring with 13 points.

The Sasquatch win 60-35 and will play again tomorrow at 6 p.m. against the defending champions, Lane. The Red Devils will get another chance to play in front of the hometown crowd at 12 p.m. against the Yakima Yaks.

Men 4 p.m. Umpqua Riverhawks 80, Bellevue Bulldogs 73

Although both teams furiously tried, neither the Bulldogs nor the Riverhawks could shake their rival hard enough for more than a one-basket lead for most of the game.

With under five minutes left in the game, the Riverhawks capitalized on the Bulldogs lax play. A half-court pass resulted in a layup for the hustling 'Hawks and a thrown-away ball gave Umpqua another chance to extend their lead to 67-60.

Dueling baskets increased the score by two on both ends and missed plays continued until 10 Umpqua took to the line to put two through the net.

Facing a nine point deficit with less than two minutes remaining, the Bulldogs turned to fouls and three point attempts to save time. However, it only delayed the inevitable.

For the Bulldogs, high scorers were Steve Wiseley with 19 points and Josh Monagle with 15. For the Riverhawks, Jarrad Childs scored the match high 22 points while Edwin Richardson knocked in 20.

The Umpqua Riverhawks advance by winning with a score of 80-73 and will play Saturday against either Lower Columbia or Yakima at 6 p.m. The Bulldogs will try to defeat the loser of tonight's game between Lower Columbia and Yakima tomorrow at 12 p.m.

Women 4 p.m. Lane Titans 78, Yakima Valley Yaks 75

The Yaks and the Titans met today at 4 p.m. for a heated rematch of last year's semifinal game. At the half, the Yaks had a five-point lead, however, the Titans struck first in the second part of the game to make up the difference and more. However, neither team was able to amass a large lead and with 4 minutes remaining in the game, the score remained tied.

A three point score from Lane, and the Yaks two-point response, put Lane up by one. A traded series of lay-ups and jump shots resulted in a 74-73 Lane score with 40 seconds left in the game. Yak Kaiti Harris threw the ball out of bounds as her receiving player ducked, giving the ball to Lane with 30 seconds to go.

A foul brought Nicole Morgan to the line to shoot two for the Titans and increase their lead to three. With 20 seconds left, the Yaks missed their shot and sent Mercedes Alexander to the line to maximize time.

Alexander responded by sinking her first shot, but missing her second. She attempted to get the rebound but fouled Kylie Shaw, who made both of her free throws to return to a one point game, 76-75 Lane.

Sloppy play by the Yaks resulted in a score by the hard driving Titans and the resulting series of fouls couldn't stop the clock or Lane from winning.

The Yaks were lead by the scoring of Andrea Bladgett with 21 points and 5 assists, and Alex Moore-Porter and Donjanique Baker with 11 points each.

The Titan's Mercedes Alexander scored 24 points with 5 assists. Valerie Meyer and Stephanie Stephens each contributed 15.

Lane wins 78-75 and will play again at 6 p.m. tomorrow against the winner of the Lower Columbia-Spokane match-up. The Yaks will try to unseat the loser of the same match-up Saturday at noon.

Men 2 p.m. Southwestern Oregon Lakers 89, Peninsula Pirates 84

The North division champion Peninsula Pirates versus the third-ranked team from the East, the Southwestern Oregon Lakers, resulted in a game fought tooth and nail from the beginning.

With the score close at halftime, both teams looked to come out blazing for the second twenty minutes of game time. Southwestern drew the early - and deepest - blood, taking a commanding nine point lead with as many minutes remaining in the game.

The physicality of the game resulted in foul outs on both sides with more than six minutes remaining. Feeling the pressure of the winding down clock, the Pirates capitalized on their opportunities by scoring threes and dropping their free throw shots through the net. With 1:30 left to play in the game, the score was 82-81, closer than it had been all night. On the line after a foul, Laker Matt Dance dropped one of his free throws through the net.

Peninsula's next possession resulted in a shot clock violation with 41 seconds on the clock. The quick fouls on Dance and Joseph Foster put them back on the line for four more quick points

The Pirates pulled themselves back into the game with a fantastic three point shot from the corner. However, in the resulting game of fouls, Dance sealed the deal with another two from the free throw line to extend the Lakers' lead.

Both teams pulled high baskets from multiple players. Emmanuel Olekaibe lead the Lakers and the game with 24. His teammate Joseph Foster racked up 19 points, and Kevin Reynolds contributed 15. Bobby Williams had the game’s only double-double with 10 points and 11 assists.

For the Pirates, Clay Greenland contributed 23 points, while his teammates Dominick Lozano and Christian Harris offered up 16 and 15, respectively. Jesse Bean had 10 points.

The Lakers upset the Pirates 89-84 and will play tomorrow at 8 p.m. against the victor of tonight's 8 p.m. game of Spokane versus Clackamas. The Pirates will continue their season against the loser of the same game at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Women 2 p.m. Walla Walla Warriors 68, Centralia Trailblazers 54

The Walla Walla Warriors had a lead over the Centralia Trailblazers going into the half. Thanks to the vocal support of their fans and shared high scoring play, the Warriors were able to both hold, and extend, their lead, maintaining a minimum 10 point lead for most of the second half.

The Warriors' scoring was lead by Brittanie Toone with 21 points, AJ Hawk with 18 points, including 12 from the line, and 10 from Allie Dreadfulwater.

The Lady Blazers high performers were Laci Mitchell with 13 and Deanna Riffe with 11 points.

The Walla Warriors win 68-54 and face the winner of tonight's 8 p.m. match-up between Columbia and South Puget Sound Saturday at 8 p.m.. Centralia will see the loser of the same game at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

Men 12 p.m. Whatcom Orcas 81, Lane Titans 76

The game started poorly for the Titans. Whatcom came out strong, scoring ten unanswered points before Lane finally came on the board five and half minutes in with a two point shot.

The Titans spent the next ten minutes redeeming their earlier play, tying the game on an aggressive slam dunk by Dominique Watson and taking the lead for the first time in the game with five minutes to go in the first half after a baseline score by Kyle Winkler.

Going into halftime, Whatcom scored a last second three to tie the game 38-38.

The second half was a battle of the baskets, resulting in a Whatcom lead by two with seven minutes to play. The fiercely aggressive game resulted in a knock against the basket that jarred the shot clock. Despite a valiant attempt at a temporary fix by a high-climbing game attendee, a more permanent solution was required and game play was suspended for ten minutes while the shot clock was re attached.

The teams took the time to refocus and Whatcom came out scoring, driving the lead to 7. Lane fought back, bringing the score within three before Whatcom dragged it back out to 7.

With under a minute and a half to play, Aric Wright scored a three to give the Titans hope with a score of 73-70. However, a series of forced fouls again extended the Orca lead, this time to 76-70.

With 30 seconds on the clock, Wright stepped up to the plate, sinking a three and once more reducing the lead to three, 76-73. Despite Whatcom'Lane s attempts to play keep away, they were quickly fouled and Zac Andrus came up to the line, scoring on the first free throw. The second rolled around the hoop before rolling off. Whatcom won the battle of the boards, and again took to the line, where solid free throw shooting let them keep and extend their lead in the last seconds of the game.

Lane's leading scorers were Dominique Watson with 23 points and Stephen Christensen with 10. Whatcom owes much of its success to Zach Henifin who was perfect on his 10 free throw attempts and 9/13 from field goal range for a total of 32 points. Zac Andus also added 17 points to the score.

Whatcom wins 81-75 and will take on Big Bend tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Women 12 p.m. Bellevue Bulldogs 83, Linn-Benton Road Runners 71

With five minutes remaining in the half, the Road Runners and Bulldogs were duking it out with a score tied at 26. However, a jump shot from Road Runner Emily Irwin, followed up by two points in the paint from her teammate Jessica Vorpahl and another two from the line, set Linn-Benton on a roll. Heading into halftime, Linn-Benton sat on top 37-31.

Coming out of the mid-game break, Bellevue took control, with a solid distribution of high scoring, pulling away in dominating fashion by the end of the game.

For the Road Runners, the leading scorers were Katelyn White with 20 points and Destiny Neuenschwander with 15. For the Bulldogs, Andrea Gansz lead with 20 points, followed by Danielle Bue's 17, Lyndsee Landon's 15, Marissa Bower's 12 and Kaneshia Brooks' 11 scores.

Bellevue wins 83-71 and will take on the Seattle Storm tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Men 10 a.m. Big Bend Vikings 75, Grays Harbor Chokers 70

The game between the Big Bend and Grays Harbor Chokers was within five with the same number of minutes to play. However, Big Ben scored rapidly, extending the score to 66-57 with minus three minutes to play. An aggressive layup by Grays Harbor brought the score to 66-59.

Nick Schultens nailed a three for the Chokers, bringing the point difference to four. Big Bend almost threw the ball away only to double dribble and turn the ball over to Grays Harbor.

Cameron Edison missed his two-point attempt. Big Bend snagged the rebound and called a timeout as Viking Daley Landon was falling out of bounds.

When time resumed, Viking Will Winn did his best to kill time. He drew a foul from Josh Hawks, missing the free shot. However, Grays Harbor swatted the ball out of bounds. Two more consecutive fouls on Grays Harbor brought Winn to the line where he sunk one to extend the lead 67-62.

Aggressive play by both teams resulted in yet another foul by Grays Harbor. A technical foul was then called on Schultens, who fouled out of the game with 15 points.

Landon made both technical free throws for the Vikings and one more point brought the score to 70-62 with only 35 seconds to play

Greys Harbor wasn't going to end their season without a fight, however, Edison drilled a three with 29 seconds to go. A forced foul sent Landon back to the foul line, where he added another point on the board.

The ball was put back into the hands of Edison, who responded with yet another three point shot with the score 71-68 and 20 seconds to go. Big Bend then scored two on non-aggressive play by Greys Harbor - possibly as the result of a coach calling time out, but with no whistle from the officials to end play.

Edison again took possession of the ball and was fouled while going for his hat trick of threes. After sinking two of the shots, he brought his team within 3.

Unfortunately, the time was against the Chokers and another foul brought Winn back to the line for the Vikings. His two points with 8 seconds in the game placed it out of Grays Harbor's grasp.

Edison lead the Chokers in points with 17. Courtney Breach contributed 14, along with 4 steals. For the Vikings, Daley Landon scored an impressive 24 points while James York and Winn each added another 10 to the board.

Big Bend wins 75-70 and advances to play the winner of the Lane/Whatcom matchup tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Women 10 a.m. Seattle Storm 99, Grays Harbor Chokers 46

After a disappointing loss yesterday, Grays Harbor had an equally difficult game today versus the Seattle Storm. Down by 23 at halftime, the Storm's lead only grew in the second half of the game.

Sarah Sides lead the Chokers with 9 points and 5 assists. For the Storm, four players were in double digits. Kayla Bennett was on fire, dropping down 9 of 12 from the field for 23 total points. Sherika Puckett added her own 20 and 11 assists. Chiaki Nakamura contributed 16 points while Amber Hering set up her teammates to make the shots with 12 assists and 9 points of her own. Hiroe Chiba also put 10 points on the board.

Seattle wins 99-46 and will play the winner of the Linn-Benton/Bellevue match-up tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Men 8 a.m. Treasure Valley Chukars 73, Highline Thunderbirds 63

The Treasure Valley Chukars at the Highline Thunderbirds kicked off the second day of the NWAACC basketball championship

The teams traded baskets throughout the first half, and we were within three points of each other going into halftime.

Both teams were willing to take risks to wrest control of the game, with plentiful three-point attempts. Highline was more successful finding the net, putting the pressure on Chukars and forcing Treasure Valley into sloppy play. Highline capitalized on the fouls with mixed results at the free throw line, slowly building their lead while the Chukars continued to turn over the ball and make desperate attempts to sink their own threes.

The Chukars were not able to close down the gap created by the steamrolling Thunderbirds. Mychal Harris scored 11 points for the Chukars while Shane Miller lead the team with 18 points. For the Thunderbirds, Steadman Richardson lead with 16 points, supported by Coby Gibler's 14 and Shedrick Nelson's 11.

Final score Highline 73, Treasure Valley 63. Highline advances to play Saturday, March 1.

Women 8 a.m. Everett Trojans 77, Clackamas Cougars 71

At halftime, the Trojans lead the Cougars by a seemingly insurmountable 16 points. However, the Cougars battled back to draw within two with under four minutes remaining in the game.

An Everett steal lead to a basket by Kristina Schumacher, putting the Trojans up by four with three minutes to go. Clackamas quickly responded with two points of their own to again bring the score within a basket, 71-67.

After an Everett timeout with 1:25 to go, Schumacher came out to sink a basket as the shot clock ran down.

Rachel Copeland toed the 3-point line while shooting her own two-point response and Clackamas quickly took a time out.

With 54 seconds remaining, Keena Hopkins entered back in the game, running a blitz play and killing time. Brooke Russell was able to drive in the paint and take her own basket. With the Trojans leading 75-71, Cougar Kelsey New was charged with an offensive foul. Schumacher sunk her two resulting free throws to extend the lead 77-71.

Clackamas' Copeland failed in her three-point attempt and the resulting rebound gave the ball back to Everett, who let the time wind down.

For the Cougars, Copeland lead the team with 30 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, including 8 three-point shots. Monique Tribble scored 17 points.

For the Trojans, Schumacher was the top scorer with 22 points while Keena Hopkins nailed down 21. Brooke Russell and Bryna Trescott each contributed 12.

Everett wins 77-71 and advances to play tomorrow.


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