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NWAACC Championships - Game Recaps Saturday, March 1

Men 8 p.m. Semifinal Spokane Sasquatch 81, Southwestern Oregon Lakers 64

Buoyed by the victory of the women's team in the semi-final match only minutes before, the Sasquatch men yellowed early and loud, encouraging their team to an 81-64 win.

Southwestern Oregon's leaders came from Emmanuel Olekaibe's 17, and 10 each from Joseph Foster and Matt Dance.

The Sasquatch saw 17 points from Matthew Dorr, 16 from Jon Clift, 14 from Eric Beal and 10 from Robert Lippman.

The Sasquatch will go for the gold against the Yakima Yaks tomorrow at 7 p.m. The losing Lakers will face the Riverhawks at 2 on Sunday.

Women 8 p.m. Semifinal Columbia Basin Hawks 72, Walla Walla Warriors 63

The Hawks-Warrior semifinal match-up was a battle of tensions and injuries, with large, vocal crowds on both sides and equally animated benches.

In the first half, Warrior starter Allie Dreadfulwater was carried off the court with an unspecified knee injury. Shortly thereafter, the Hawk star and Eastern region MVP Nikki DePeel left the game with a suspected broken nose. Before the half was out, Layne Tucker - a second team Eastern all-star - headed off the court with an obviously broken pinky finger.

Away from the injuries, the Hawks held the Warriors to only 26 points in the first half, emerging from halftime with a 15-point lead.

Nikki DePeel re-entered the game in the second half, helping the Hawks drive up a 19 point lead. However, the Warriors battled back, bringing it within 4 with under 5 minutes to play.

However, the loss of two starters in the first half - and labored play of the injured Katie Strunk - were too much for the Warriors, and the Hawks pulled away again to secure the win with a score of 72-63.

The Hawks will try for the championship against the Spokane Sasquatch tomorrow at 4:30. The Warriors will fight on for third place by taking on Lane at 2 p.m.

Men 6 p.m. Semifinal: Yakima Yaks 89, Umpqua Riverhawks 79

The Yaks stomped over the Riverhawks on their way to the NWAACC Championship game tomorrow at 7 p.m.

The Yaks lead early and never stopped working to extend their control over the game. Anthony Johnson contributed an eye-popping 38 points while Jody Johnson and Nico Sandoval had 15 and 10, respectively.

For the losing 'Hawks, Tyler Barnes lead with 27 points while South MVP Edwin Richardson dropped in 19. All-stars Kenan Dizdarevic had 17 and Jarred Childs had 10.

The Yaks will try to become the 2008 NWAACC basketball champions tomorrow at 7 p.m. They will face the winner of tonight's 8 p.m. contest between the Spokane Sasquatch and the Southwestern Oregon Lakers. The Riverhawks will challenge the loser of the same game to go for third place at 2 p.m.

Women 6 p.m. Semifinal: Spokane Sasquatch 59, Lane Titans 55

The battle between the Sasquatch and the Titans was fought a tooth-and-nail as each team worked to secure their role in the 2008 NWAACC Championship game.

Supported by a vocal crowd, the Sasquatch garnered an early lead over the defending champions. However, an early lead means nothing if you can't hold onto it and with ten minutes remaining in the game, the Titans had returned to striking distance. With less than three minutes to play, the score was tied up at 50.

Two quick baskets by the Sasquash, including one from Liz Beardslee, tuned the game into a 54-50 score.

After a failed shot by the Titans, Mercedes Alexander proved her South MVP mettle by stealing the ball right out of a Sasquatch player's hands for a layup to bring the game to 54-52.

After an official's time out for an injured all-star Titan Nicole Morgan, 'Squash's Beardslee ran it up the middle for two points in the paint and a score of 56-54.

A foul by Titan Jennifer Kimbrow sent the game back down the court and 'Squash Richelle Daily sunk her free throw shots for two, making it a 4 point game with under thirty to play. A round of fouls added a point for each side, but the gap remained. Spokane defeats Lane 59-55.

Titan all-stars Stephanie Stephens and Nicole Morgan had 21 and 10 points, respectively. Alexander contributed 16.

Spokane high scorers included Kellee Neal with 15, Beardslee with 14 and Daily with 11.

Spokane will see the winner of tonight's 8 p.m. match-up between Walla Walla and Columbia River Basin tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. as they try to become the 2008 NWAACC Basketball Champions. Lane will see the loser of the same challenge at 2 p.m. in hopes of securing third place.

Men 4 p.m. Everett Trojans 72, Highline Thunderbirds 69

While the Trojan women ran away with - and then melted down - in their game that was taking place simultaneously on the other court, the Trojan men attempted shake off their Thunderbird competitors.

Although Everett had a slight lead coming out of halftime, the two teams traded buckets throughout the second part of the game. The Trojans, however, always remained one step ahead of the Thunderbirds until a Highline score with 1:30 remaining gave them a one-point lead, 69-68.

Everett responded, putting the ball in the hands of Jon Moe who proved his North all-star status with a beautiful layup, making the score 70-69 in favor of the Trojans.

Thunderbird Kelly Edwards missed his subsequent shot, taken under pressure as the shot clock wound town. The quick foul took Jon Moe to the line for a 1 + 1, where he drilled both baskets to give the Trojans a three-point lead.

With 13 seconds on the clock and the score of 72-69, Highline took possession of the ball. Josh Broussard tried for the game-tying shot as the clock expired, banging it off the rim and into the hands of the Trojans.

Everett moves onto the battle for 5th place tomorrow at 10 a.m. against the Whatcom Orcas.

Women 4 p.m. Everett Trojans 80, Umpqua Riverhawks 70

It was almost the comeback story of the 2008 NWAACC tournament. Down by 34 points, the Umpqua women fought back against the contented Trojans, bringing the score within seven with as many minutes to play.

High scoring Trojan Keena Hopkins (16 points) fouled out of the game six minutes still on the clock. It was here, however, that the steamrolling Riverhawks stalled. Unable to get any closer to the elusive Tojans, the Everett team won 80-70.

Leading the Umpqua charge were Deanna Tupai with 20 points, supported by Marissa Towry with 14, Cassie Scheffelmaier with 12 and Kristin Fallin's 10 points and 16 rebounds.

For the Trojans, high scorers were Bryna Trescott with 26 points and a stunning 19 rebounds, Kristina Schumacher with 18 points and Brooke Russell with 11 points.

The Lady Trojans will again battle at the same time as their men's team tomorrow at 10 a.m. The Trojans will face the Seattle Storm in their quest for 5th place.

Men 2 p.m. Peninsula Pirates 88, Clackamas Cougars 84

With both teams coming off losses yesterday, the Pirates and the Cougars were eager to win and extend their time in the NWAACC basketball championship.

Although Peninsula took the early lead and lead at the end of the first half, Clackamas narrowed the lead to two in the last quarter of the game. Peninsula realized the game was in danger and started running scared, pulling away with a series of unanswered points, adding onto their lead with a back-to-back three pointers.

The Cougars continued to claw at the Pirates, drawing strength from a three point shot by JC Cook to bring it back within four with under 1:40 to play. After a scrambled ball lead to a turnover to Clackamas, JC Cook took a two-point shot that was swatted away as it arched to the basket. The goaltending charge brought the score to 84-82 with just under a minute to play.

Peninsula successfully ran down the clock, scoring another 2 points with only 3 seconds remaining on their shot clock. Clackamas couldn't answer and was forced to foul, where two successful free throw shots extended the Pirates lead back to 6. A bucket inside the paint by the Cougars added another two to the board, but the team ran out of time.

The games' leading scorer was JC Cook with 32 points for the Cougars. He was supported by the play of Adam Brickley with 21 points and 11 rebounds and Austin Dunn with 15 points.

For the Pirates, Dominick Lozano pulled in 21 points and contributed 9 assists. Clay Greenland had 17 points of his own, with 13 rebounds. Chidi Antoinne's performance included 19 points and 14 rebounds.

The Pirates win 88-84 and will try for fourth place in the tournament by playing Bellevue tomorrow at 12 p.m.

Women 2 p.m. Centralia Trailblazers 64, South Puget Sound Clippers 54

The six-woman South Puget Sound team couldn't match the depth and breath of the blazing Centralia team in the 2 p.m. women's game but they certainly tried.

At the half, the Lady Blazers had more than doubled the score of the Clippers team, 41-19. Still, the Clippers battled back, outscoring the Blazers by 12 in the second half, but it wasn't enough to overcome the first half pressure.

Leading scorers for the victorious Trailblazers were Amanda Atcheson with 14 points, Deanna Riffe and Ali Matisons, both with 11, and Jill Fuller with 10 points. Mandy McFadden brought down 10 from the boards.

For South Puget Sound, the games' high scores were Alicia Richardson with 17 points and Megan Sanders with 10.

The Trailblazers will go for fourth place at the championships by taking on Yakima at noon on Sunday.

Men 12 p.m. Bellevue Bulldogs 70, Lower Columbia Red Devils 63

With a swath of Red Devil supporters dividing their attentions between the men's and women's games, and a number of Bulldog fans fresh from the loss of the Lady Bulldogs in their 10 a.m. contest, there was plenty of support on both sides for the Lower Columbia-Bellevue match-up.

The Red Devils took the lead early on and carried the double-digit pillow into halftime, thanks to high scorers Issac Jimcoily (14 points) and Josh Troyer (10 points).

The Bulldogs, however, refused to stop clawing and dragged themselves back into the game, finally taking the lead 56-55 with under 5 minutes to play, rallying around their game's scoring leaders Josh Monagle (19 points) and Michael Duty (18 points).

A controversial goaltending call on Red Devil Alex King and Steve Wiseley's beautiful lob up while rising up over the center of the paint set the Bulldogs up for their first two-basket lead, 63-57, with under three minutes in regulation.

The Bulldogs continued to stay one step ahead of the Red Devils as the clock wound down, sinking their free throws and forcing turnovers as the game disintegrated in the final seconds to a score of 70-63, Bulldog win.

Lower Columbia ends its season. The Bulldogs will continue on to fight for 4th place in the tournament against the winner of the 2 p.m. fight between Peninsula and Clackamas.

Women 12 pm. Yakima Yaks 77, Lower Columbia Red Devils 61

Although their men's team was unable to unseat the Yakima Yaks yesterday, the Lady Red Devils tried their best to redeem their school and eliminate the Lady Yaks from the tournament in today's 12 p.m. game.

The Devils struggled from the beginning, shooting less than 30% from the field for the first half and getting buried by the 50% success rate of the Yaks on the three. Although they were able to match the Yaks shot for shot in the second half, it wasn't enough to dent Yakima's commanding lead. The Yaks defeat the Devils, 77-61.

The Devils were carried by Nadra Evans' 20 points. The Lower Columbia star scored on 50% of her attempts. Revealing the depth of talent on their team, the Yaks had four players in the double digits, lead by Chelsey Nill's 16 points and Andrea Bladgett's 13.

The Yaks will challenge the winner of today's 2 p.m. contest between Centralia and South Puget Sound at 12 p.m. on Sunday.

Men 8 a.m. Whatcom Orcas 81, Big Bend 68

Lead by the Orca Zach Henifin's 23 points, Whatcom defeated the Big Bend Vikings today in the opening game of Men's play, 81-68.

The Orcas lead by 17 points at halftime and extended their lead as large as 22 points. However, the Vikings continued to fight, spurred on by the 17 points from James York. The additional help of 13 points from teammate's Daley Landon and 11 from Brett Vriesman were able to bring the game with 13, but not enough to overcome the Orcas.

Whatcom will continue on in the tournament to test their meddle against the winner of today's 4 p.m. contest between Highline and Everett to claim 5th place.

Women 8 a.m. Seattle Storm 58, Bellevue Bulldogs 57

The game was all tied up at halftime and that's where it remained with less than two and a half minutes remaining in the first Women's game today.

Chiaki Nakamura broke the dead heat by sinking a three for the Storm, putting Seattle up three with two minutes to play, 58-55.

Bulldog Kaneshia Brooks answered with a long two of her own for Bellevue. A series of missed shots ensued as the time wound down to one minute.

Seattle's time out laid out a plan, but not enough time for them to complete it – a shot clock violation turned the ball back over to Bellevue, who took a timeout of their own with 40 seconds remaining.

Danielle Bue took a drive to the basket for the 'Dogs. She scored, but it was ruled no basket because traveling.

With the score still 58-57, Candace Grettenberger took to the free throw line after being quickly fouled. She missed the shot, and knocked it out of bounds trying to snag the rebound.

Bellevue worked the ball back down the court and took a shot that was rebounded by the Storm - who were then charged with a travel.

With two seconds remaining on the shot clock, Bellevue had one last second chance for the win. It was left up to Briana Lewis to try for the jumper - a three point attempt that bounced off the back of the rim, ending the Bulldog Season.

Leading the Storm to victory were Kayla Bennett's 19 points, followed by Katie Kirsch's 15. Candace Grettenberger pulled down 12 rebounds.

For the losing Bulldogs, Alicia Tennyson lead in scoring with 12 points. Danielle Bue contributed 10.

Seattle wins 58-57 and will play tomorrow at 10 a.m. for 5th place in the 2008 NWAACC basketball tournament. They will take on the winner of today's 4 p.m. matchup between Everett and Umpqua.


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